US Travel Adventures 5- New York City part 2

Day 11 (Thursday, 23rd of June): Easy day out, Facetiming and movies!
Because my feet aren’t used to walking up to 12 hours a day for an extended period of time, I had to take an easy day today – of course starting off with a 2 hour walk to the Empire State Building (which isn’t really a 2 hour walk, but it is if you get lost a little – which I did, for the first time since I’ve been in NYC!). No it didn’t really started there, but it’s fun to say 🙂
I started out my day by Facetiming with my lovely Lilian for almost an hour ❤ And after that I got myself together (particularly my feet) and walked (the wrong way…) towards the Empire State Building, the 5th thing I’ve done from my CityPASS. I can really recommend that to anyone who’s in NYC for around 4-5 days and wants to see a lot.

Yesterday when I went to Rockefeller Centre I Facetimed with my sister, and I told Lilian about that. So we decided that when I got up on the Empire State Building I’d give her a little tour of what NYC looks like from above! Here’s the result:


Not really a clear picture of the buildings, but she got to see them!


I used to be terrified of heights, but I’ve grown to love it. Especially after the glass floor in the CN tower of Toronto my love for heights got a bit of a boost. So much that I decided twice this week to go up a tower!

I didn’t do much else today, as my feet were killing me! So I went back to the hostel, met my new roommate – who’s an American lady who is used to staying at fancy hotels in NYC and taking taxi’s everywhere. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re suddenly staying in a 6 persons mixed dorm in a hostel on the 4th floor with no elevator you’re going to experience a little culture shock. She’s the first person to actually speak to me in this hostel. It was nice.

Right after that a confused looking guy walked in with his suitcase: a guy from Norway. Though I’ve always found Norway to be extremely far, meeting someone from the same continent is actually nice. We got to talk about how busy NYC is, how strange people who work in stores look at us for actually responding to their “Hi, how are you today?” –> note to self: they don’t want to hear it, they just want a “I’m fine, how are you today?” and just get on with paying and such. In the Netherlands you just have to do with a “Hello”, and how we don’t get that most toilet doors have a big gap between the door and the frame – especially in public places – WHY IS THAT?! People can see you sit and pee! Please, someone, let me know why?

This is also my last day of being completely by myself for a while – the next couple of days Michelle, a new friend I’m going to Camp Twitch and Shout with, is joining me in NYC, I’m meeting my dad’s friend and her daughter, and after that in DC I’ll have plenty of people to meet as well! Not to mention camp after that. Can’t wait!

Now I’ll just enjoy being alone in my dorm room – with the somewhat quietness (I’ll just ignore all the alarms that are going off on the streets), before going to bed REALLY EARLY!

Day 12 (Friday 24th of June): Finding Michelle and finding Dory 🙂
I always tell myself the same lie: I’m going to go to bed really early tonight because I need my sleep… not going to happen. Ever, I suppose. Today was fun, I met up with Michelle and as we started talking we got a bit too excited about the Finding Dory movie… and even though I’ve already watched it, I had to again! Was really nice!

Day 13 (Saturday 25th of June): Longlasting friendships
Whiej, today was finally the day! I got to meet up with Melody and Charlie, my dad’s friends who he had met around 30 years ago by accident 🙂 And now I got to meet them and hang out for a bit!

After that I had a bit of a breakdown, as I could’ve expected after running around with barely any sleep combined with sensory overload (I’ve written something about that, but it’s still in my concepts because I’m scared to post it) and being scared of almost everything I do. So in the evening I just talked to my lovely Lilian for a bit and took a long warm shower! Tomorrow is the parade in NYC, and before I’m heading for DC I’m going to have a look there!

Day 14 (Sunday the 26th of June): Exchanging this city for Washington DC
Now I have been here exactly two weeks, and it has flown by. Especially the first week, which I also dreaded a lot because that meant I had to say goodbye to my soon-to-be-wife.. but this week was a challenge, to see if I was up to the task of doing things for myself and by myself. I told my lovely Lilian that I was going to give it a try, but I never expected to actually go through with it. Now I sometimes actually feel a bit less scared of the 5 weeks ahead of me!

I’m not really disappointed by how I did, I actually managed quite well (except for my breakdown moment on saturday, but in 2 weeks of 100% new things and constantly getting new impressions that’s pretty good!)

Today is the day of the parade and after that Michelle and I will take the bus to DC. Will be continued!


Love, Sam


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