US Travel Adventures 4 – New York City part 1

Day 8 (Monday 20th of June): Flying to NYC
Today Lilian and I went our seperate ways for the coming just-a-little-more-than-a-month… Oh my lovely how I am going to miss you. We had to go to seperate gate points that weren’t connected, so we had to say goodbye 1,5 hours earlier than expected.


My flight was exactly on time, and I arrived 15 minutes too early at Newark. I had booked a shared shuttle bus instead of going with public transport – because I knew I’d get lost. After 2 hours of driving I FINALLY made it to what I thought was my stop, but the driver had decided for himself to not look at the address I gave him, but to bring me to another hostel that he found would be mine. I thought I was going to be scared but actually I just said: I refuse to get out at this stop, take me to my hostel. And so he did πŸ™‚

I was put in a 6 person dormitory, and I think my roommates are all okay. I just said hello and went straight out of the hostel to have a look around in the city. After that I went straight to bed. In the middle of the night Lilian arrived at her changing-airport and we Facetimed for a while before I headed back to bed again.

Day 9 (Tuesday 21st of June): Figuring out a city on my own
I stalled and stalled and texted with everyone I knew before finally heading out into NYC. Oh gosh what was I scared. I have a map luckily, and I have been told that you can’t get lost in NYC easily, so with a 750 ml smoothie in my one hand and my map in the other I went looking for the American Museum of Natural History (you know, the one where Night at the Museum was filmed ^_^ ). I found it and bought myself a CityPASS!


After that I went and got myself something to eat, but I was SO tired and didn’t understand the subway system here (and nobody willing to explain it to me, not even at the hostel) that I went back to the hostel to look online and find out myself.

I was supposed to do a Highline toured walk, but it started 15 minutes ago πŸ™‚ I got myself distracted and fell asleep for an hour, whoopsie! But I can still go to the Top of the rock Observation Deck. So I guess I’ll grab a bite to eat somewhere and then head off to Times Square and the Observation deck πŸ™‚

Day 10 (Wednesday 22nd of June): Taking the subway and Ticcing my brains off
Yesterday I did go to the observation deck, YAY! To my surprise, at 9pm (3am in the Netherlands) my sister was still online on Whatsapp, so we decided to Facetime each other… we watched the sun go down and the city turning dark while chatting about all kinds of stuff. Phototime!:




Ok, on to today! It’s 32 degrees outside, a lot of sun and a lot of people around! I looked in my cityPASS and I saw that I could go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. It’s a long walk from my place (1,5 hours or so) and though I am scared of public transportation I decided to try and be brave and just go for it. And so I did. It wasn’t as bad as I expected in terms of me getting lost (because strangely enough, I haven’t been lost in this city yet!), but it was loud and crowded and all the noises made me confused. Then, because of all the new impressions I started Ticcing like a mad person and yes – then people start staring at me.

Eventually I arrived at the 9/11 Memorial. So impressive. I was only 11 when it happened, but I can still remember watching it on the news and seeing the 2nd tower being hit by a plane. My stepdad went to the US 25 years ago and he went inside one of those towers. I was able to see the memorial falls and the museum.SDC18202.JPG


I also went into the museum, which was so impressive. Can’t really say much else about that, except for this quote that really sticks with me:


After that I thought that it would be time for something lighter. So I went to the High Line, where I was supposed to do a tour yesterday. I couldn’t find Gansevoort street – and I asked a couple of people – and of course I can’t say Gansevoort the English way, only the Dutch way, so nobody knew about which street I was asking. I accidentally bumped into a guy who also has Tourettes, we talked for a bit and then I finally found the Highline!
The High Line is a former train tracks above the streets that they made into a park. It’s 2 miles long and ends near the Hudson river.


SDC18268.JPG(yes that’s a tree sticking out of a car)

When the Hig hLine ended I saw that I was near Pier 83, where the Ferry’s were that I could take with my City PASS. So I went on a 1,5 hour boat trip on my own, around Manhattan! I love skylines ❀


After this I walked to Time Square to try and get a ticket for Waitress, but they only had partial-view tickets that were still $100,-… So I went back to my hostel with a large fruit smoothie Β and Whatsapped with my lovely Lilian ❀

Right now it’s 7:30 and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Probably read a bit, take a shower and see if there’s nice people in this hostel I can watch a show on Netflix with (YES they have netflix in the hostel πŸ™‚ ), and otherwise I’ll just fly solo for another day and a half! No biggie πŸ™‚

I’ll end this blog here, and do the weekend in a seperate blog, because this one is getting LONG!

Hope you liked it, and and if you have suggestions as to what I need to be doing the next couple of days, let me know πŸ™‚

Love, Sam



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